Why to use TurboBookmark.com?

You can share your links with others at an incredible speed and store your bookmarks for yourself. You do not have to type the title of each site one by one in the browser. You do not have to enter the url and text of your link on each site.

How to use it?

Simply specify the URL, the text of the link to be shared, a short description of it and the associated tags. (You can use the + key to land more variety to your links, moreover you can specify several versions too.) Select the pages on which you want to share the link, and just press the [Share!] button!

Have you got a blog or website?

If you would like to provide the ability of storing and sharing your content to your visitors too, then insert this code in your blog or website!

Your button will look like this: Share & Bookmark - TurboBookmark.com

Share and Enjoy!!!

  • Link at turbo speed!
  • Increase the number of visitors of your website!
  • Increase the number of links pointing to your website!
  • Improve your Google ranking!
  • And all these are completely free of charge!

Turbo share

Where do you want to share?

  • Digg.comDigg.com
  • Delicious.comDelicious.com
  • Newsvine.comNewsvine.com
  • Fark.comFark.com
  • Tagza.comTagza.com
  • Reddit.comReddit.com
  • Technorati.comTechnorati.com
  • Slashdot.orgSlashdot.org
  • Propeller.comPropeller.com
  • Facebook.comFacebook.com
  • GoogleGoogle
  • Backflip.comBackflip.com
  • Diigo.comDiigo.com
  • Netvouz.comNetvouz.com
  • Spurl.netSpurl.net
  • Mister-wong.comMister-wong.com
  • Faves.comFaves.com
  • Blinklist.comBlinklist.com
  • Sphinn.comSphinn.com
  • Connotea.orgConnotea.org
  • MyLinkVaultMyLinkVault
  • ConnectedyConnectedy
  • Buddy MarksBuddy Marks
  • Myjeeves.ask.comMyjeeves.ask.com
  • Plugim.comPlugim.com
  • Indianpad.comIndianpad.com
  • Linkagogo.comLinkagogo.com
  • Folkd.comFolkd.com
  • Bibsonomy.orgBibsonomy.org
  • SymbalooSymbaloo
  • iZebyiZeby
  • ErolloverErollover
  • YuppMarksYuppMarks
  • Wirefan.comWirefan.com
  • Mixx.comMixx.com
  • myVmarksmyVmarks
  • Bookmark TrackerBookmark Tracker
  • A1 WebmarksA1 Webmarks
  • FetchFetch
  • Jumptags.comJumptags.com
  • Ka-Boom-It.comKa-Boom-It.com